Update 1.0.8

We have collected your suggestions and we added this new and convenient feature that everyone wanted.
Now Hourglass continues to run even when it is not in the foreground. When it is running, you will see a small icon in the notification area, and you will hear the sound when the time expires.

Update 1.0.6

Hourglass 1.0.6 is how ready for download.
Some graphics improvements and new ads engine will provide you a confortable experience.
We are working on next update, so hourglass will work also in stand-by mode.


More than 50,000 downloads

New record for hourglass: more than 50.000 people installed this app.

Superati i 50.000 download

Nuovo record, superati i 50.000 download.

Why Hourglass is different

Hourglass is different from other similar apps. Graphic is very simple and clean. There are no particles moving, no sand, but a kind of blue liquid. So it's not a hourglass simulator but a customizable timer. You can choose the duration that can vary from some seconds to many hours. You can also choose strange values such as 1 hour 37 minutes and 22 seconds.

Your can control the timer by pressing the buttons or by touching the hourglass with gestures. You can also rotate it and invert the counting.
At the end of the time you will hear a sound (you can choose witch one).

Great Testimonial

In arrivo

Nei prossimi giorni Clessidra sarà presente anche sul market di Samsung, Samsung Apps.

Coming soon

In a few days Hourglass will be available also on Samsung Apps.

Hourglass for Android on YouTube

MGradio for Android

MGradio player

Da oggi è online l'App ufficiale per ascoltare in streaming MGradio.

MGradio on Google Play


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