Why Hourglass is different

Hourglass is different from other similar apps. Graphic is very simple and clean. There are no particles moving, no sand, but a kind of blue liquid. So it's not a hourglass simulator but a customizable timer. You can choose the duration that can vary from some seconds to many hours. You can also choose strange values such as 1 hour 37 minutes and 22 seconds.

Your can control the timer by pressing the buttons or by touching the hourglass with gestures. You can also rotate it and invert the counting.
At the end of the time you will hear a sound (you can choose witch one).

With this futures you can use it to play with friends in many kind of time races, or in the kitchen when you cook something. You can also see in the comments that many people use it with their kids for washing the thoots.

And remember also that it's free!